Sampling and Analysis of Bulk Materials for Asbestos Identification.

EML is accredited by UKAS for both of the above activities which ensures that a sufficient quantity and number of samples are taken in a safe manner prior to analysis in the laboratory.

All samples are analysed in-house at our base in Redditch thus providing a quick and reliable service. If required we offer a speedy 24 hour turnaround service for any urgent samples.

Samples can be sent or delivered to our accredited laboratory or alternatively one of our consultant surveyors can come to your premises and take samples for subsequent analysis.

Please remember that asbestos is potentially a dangerous material when disturbed and requires careful handling to avoid inhalation of any fibres. Health and Safety must be a priority when taking samples for subsequent analysis and as such we recommend the use of our own expert consultants who are both qualified and fully aware of the possible hazards.

It is highly unlikely that members of the public will have the relevant training, sampling equipment or personal protective equipment to take samples safely. It is therefore advised that if in any doubt please contact EML for advice and guidance.